The Green Capitalists

greenA report on large corporations and the environment, The Green Capitalists, was published in English by Friends of the Earth Sweden (1998). I quote from the cover:

”They call themselves green capitalists. Many of the biggest corporations in the world – oil companies, motor industries and chemical plants – are now marketing themselves as friends of nature and invite the environmental movement for disussion.

How green are the green capitalists?

Mikael Nyberg examines the politics of transnational corporations since the alarm of the 1970s about the limits to growth to the current debate on green-house effect, genetic engineering and the gap between North and South.”

The Green Capitalist – A Report about Large Corporations and the Environment. 129 pages. Paper back. Illustrations by Robert Nyberg. Friends of the Earth, Sweden, 1998. Out of print.

Pdf-copy of The Green Capitalists.

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